Digital Plans

*Price does not include tax*

Advanced Interactive (AI) – includes all Wireless Signal Forwarding features. Enables the user to remotely arm / disarm system, see the system stuatus and event history, and change user codes through the website or mobile apps. You also have the ability to monitor all activity reported by the specific door/window and motion sensors, even when the system is disarmed. Users can create custom notifications rules and to be alerted via email and text when specific sensors report activity during a designated time frame (example: “send me an email if the medicine cabinet open before 5PM on a weekday.”) Sensor activity is also shown on the website and mobile apps. Includes 24×7 activity monitoring on up to 10 sensors. $48.95 /month + tax

Two-Way Voice Over GSM – In the event of an alarm, the central station can conduct a two-way voice session through the security control panel to assess the situation and determine the appropriate response. Voice is transmitted through GSM module, no phone required. Add $4.00/mo (2GIG Only)

Weather to Panel – (Interactive Plans Only) Current weather and up to 6-day weather forecast can be provided by to be displayed on compatible system panels and keypads. Add $2.00/mo (2 GIG Only)

Arming Schedules – (Interactive Plans Only) Users can program system through website to automatically arm/disarm at a specified time each day. Add $5.00/mo

Voice Notifications for Alarms – (Interactive Plans Only) Automated phone notifications for alarm events. Add $2.00/mo

Voice Notifications for Non-Alarms – (Advanced Interactive Only) Automated phone notifications for non-alarm sensor activity, including door openings, motion detection, etc. $4.00/mo

Additional Sensor Activity Sensors – (Advanced Interactive Only) Increase the number of sensors eligible for always-on sensor activity monitoring. Sensors can be added in groups of five. $3.00/mo

emPower Thermostats – Users can remotely control their thermostat(s) through website and mobile apps, and easily create custom schedules to set thermostats based on time of day, day of week, and security system arming state. Add $5.00/mo

Empower thermostats must be installed by a licensed air conditioning or refrigeration contractor. United Security Services is not an Air Conditioning or Refrigeration Contractor and can not install Thermostats

Power Lights – Users can remotely control lights and appliances through the website and mobile apps, and create custom rules to automatically turn lights and appliances on/off on a schedule or when a specific sensor is triggered. Add $5.00/mo

Power Locks – Users can remotely control their locks through the website and mobile apps, see lock status and receive emails and text alerts when a lock is accessed by a specific user. Add $5.00/mo

Power Energy Package (Thermostat & Lights) – includes emPower Lights and emPower Thermostats Add $8.00/mo Video Video enables users to see real-time video footage of their property from anywhere through the website and mobile apps, and review saved video clips showing recorded footage that was triggered by motion activity or a security system event. Recorded video is stored offsite in’s secure operations center. A local storage device is not needed. IP cameras connect via Ethernet or 802.11 to the customers broadband internet router. With’s exclusive EZinstall™ setup, adding a camera is easy Video can be added to an interactive service or operate in “standalone”mode without an enabled security control panel. (Note: Monthly video uploads are limited to 10x the storage capacity. Example: An account with 50MB of storage is allowed 500MB of uploads/month.)

Monthly Service


Pro Video
 50 MB, up to 4 Cameras

Pro Video+
250 MB, up to 8 Cameras

Additional Storage
250,500 or 750 MB


“Crash and Smash” Detection – exclusvie and patented technology, enables alarm signal transmission to the central station een if the security system is disable by an intruder during entry delay or dialer period (2GIG only)

Mobile Apps – Users with interactive service plans have free access to mobile apps for iPhone, Ipod touch, Blackberry and Android devices. The mobile website( can also be accessed through any smartphone web browser.